LoseThos – 64bit open source free operating system

LoseThos is a small 64bit open source free operating system available for IBM PC compatible computers. It is written and released by Terry A. Davis losethos logoand is an operating system developed from ground up. The primary focus of this operating system seems to be video games (really simple ones!) and is intended for "programming as entertainment". Interestingly it also introduces a new language very much similar to C/C++!

The latest version available as of November 11th 2008 is V4.19 and the ISO file is less than 20MB. The distribution is a "live cd" and you can boot into the OS by burning it into a CD. Since LoseThos is a pure 64bit OS, it will work only on those systems or virtual machines which support 64bit. For example, Linux qemu emulator is not supported.

What makes LoseThos interesting is that the whole of the OS is written by Terry over a period of 5 years. It has over 100,000 lines of code. Programmers may find LoseThos as an interesting toy! It allows complete access to all the hardware and there is minimal layering.

LoseThos Hardware Requirements

  • IBM PC Compatible (EM64T)
  • VGA Graphics
  • Minimum 256MB RAM and a maximum of 128GB RAM!
  • CD-ROM but no SCSI
  • ATA/SATA hard drives
  • Gameport Joystick/RS232 serial port but no USB

LoseThos is currently just a hobby OS which can be fun for programmers. But who knows, it might even inspire someone to create an exceptional  64 bit open source operating system in future!

losethos failure on vmware Don’t waste your time trying to get this running on Vmware Workstation. After trying for a few minutes I realized that LoseThos uses non standard stuff and hence Vmware cannot support it.  In fact I was also unable to get this running on my latest machine which is Intel Quad core CPU (Q9300).

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